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Ultra-Premium Business Strategist & the Inventor of the “$100K Offer” System
How would you like to interview leading power-brokers and high-profile guests on your podcast which can lead to mega-deals, major sponsorship and amplification of your offers?

It probably sounds like a fairytale to you… But that’s exactly what we are doing.

To give you a sneak-peek… 

Over the last few weeks alone, my clients have:
  • Interviewed world-champions and major power-brokers on podcasts that are not even launched yet
  • Closed $100K+ offers and deals
  • Created major partnerships with leading brands

How is that possible?

We turned the usual podcast strategy on its head.  

See, while everyone else is busy looking for the latest strategy to grow their audience and push for advertising dollars based on CPM and affiliate deals… 

We are leveraging something that’s more powerful and commercially sound than a mainstream podcasting strategy will ever be:


If you’ve been leading with “Attract a huge audience who worship your every word…”, then this is why your podcast isn't bringing you the big deals you dreamed of when you started out.  

This is actually the LAST thing you should worry about. It’s the LAST thing you should be measuring. It’s the LAST thing you should be spending time on.
That’s vanity BS.

The masses will come (if you want them to).  

The money comes at the top.

It comes from an audacious idea pitched perfectly to the biggest names; having you interview them and turn them into:
  • Multi-million dollar partnerships
  • Massive client deals
  • Sponsorships that never reference CPM ever again
  • And if you want, a big audience who adores you…


To give you an unfair advantage over your competitors and help you create a podcast based on real outcomes… 

By creating connections that lead to the biggest opportunities.

We are handing you our podcast secrets to start building your podcast in the RIGHT way.

It took us years (and millions of dollars) to learn this stuff… 

But now we want you to have it for FREE.
people now say, "I can trust you with millions of dollars"
“You know, Kathryn, you've made this impression on me ever since we met. I used to not care so much about how I showed up, my brand, my appearance, my team - because I was great at what I do. But watching you, working with you and your company, and listening to everything you say, it always struck me as: I can trust you with my money, I can trust you with millions of dollars. You’ve changed me. I now show up that way, as does everyone in our team. I want our clients and partners to be able to look at us and go: “yeah, I can trust him with a million of dollars of mine.” Thank you.”

jim padilla, high ticket agency owner and investor

"dream clients and multi-millions."
"I started working with Kathryn when I was about six months into my programs. I had hand drawn models, and ugly branding and my offers were all over the shop. I did not have it together. I partnered with Kathryn and everything has shifted, I now have a multi-million dollar business, I am working with my dream clients on dream projects, I’m in the media and I have so much freedom. Kathryn, I cannot tell you how much I adore and love you. What you have given me has been this amazing world that I've been able to create. What Kathryn says works. I am the living testament to that. "

tina paterson, consultant and author

Here’s What You Are Going to Discover in This FREE Report
>> How to switch from the volume and vanity model to a true expert model to start attracting high-end clients ready to pay top-dollar for your services

>> How to land mega-interviews that can transform your authority, credibility and connections to major deals (even if they’ve never heard of you before)

>> What to do once you land your interviews (Hint: Getting an interview with a major powerbroker is USELESS if you don’t do this)

>> How to leverage your interviews to skyrocket your authority and close six and seven figure deals with your ideal clients

>> How to build a relationship with your connections and create career defining deals

...And much, much more.

Who Am I to Make Such Bold Claims?
If you Google my name - Kathryn Porritt - you will find countless articles describing me as: 

“The leading Premium and Luxury Offer Business Strategist in the world”

I’m also the founder and CEO of Icons Incorporated: 

A full strategy and marketing company that helps entrepreneurs build bigger-than-life personal brands… Create 100k, 500k, and even million-dollar offers... And ultimately become the #1 brand in their space.

I’ve helped hundreds of mavericks like you start getting paid what they are truly worth by changing their positioning and helping them create & sell their first $100K+ offer.

Their results speak louder than words:

Here Are MORE Real Results From People Just Like YOU!

"500k and Million Dollar Offers"
“We had a good mainstream business with Girl Director but you saw the bigger picture for us, which is the super high end film production, which reconnected me to my passion. I now know how to present myself to investors and we’re now landing $500k, million dollar deals. The initial $100k deals are still fun, but we’re now into career–defining projects that are so deeply important to us with Impact Films. It’s been you, Kathryn and your community of Icons and your amazing team who have opened our eyes to this and enabled this to be our reality. 

Michael hole and rachel dunn, impact films

"All My Dreams Coming True"
“I came across Kathryn because I was going through Facebook searching for people I wanted to work with. Kathryn popped up and I thought, ‘Oh wow, this chick’s on fire!’ But I wasn’t brave enough to reach out to her for about five months.

At the time, I was already running a multiple six-figure business and selling at a premium level, though I was hovering more around the $30K mark for individual clients. Yet I found myself thinking, “Damn I need to work with Kathryn. She’s clearly my next step.” I sat there watching other people’s testimonies, poring over every case study she had … and then when I finally got on a call with her I was SO ready to go.

My life’s work is serving my community and teaching people how to access this amazing spiritual experience that we all have available, so I knew if I wanted to be taken seriously in my industry at the luxury level, I needed to up my game. Kathryn made that possible for me. And I mean I sold my first premium offer at $55,000 within a few days, and six months into the program I got my first $100K client. The mindset piece was so massive because I just didn’t think anyone would pay me that much … but that first $100K offer came so easily, I couldn’t believe it!

Icons has done their part but I’ve also had to do mine. If you’re lazy and don’t do the work, this path won’t work for you. But if you’re the right type of person, and you have that commitment, vision, mission, and drive, Kathryn and her team will 100% transform your business.” 


"working with you has been such a relief"
“Kathryn, you were such a pivotal person in my life to really open my eyes to the fact that the way that it had always been was not the way it needed to be for me. It was quite shocking when I first came across you, and just thought, “Oh, my goodness, this is like she is saying exactly what I didn't know how to say or articulate”, but felt inside of me, obviously, and I haven't seen anybody else putting that into words, let alone that they have a proven system and results. But the thing that was amazing beyond just being able to work with you as a client was just the realization that I was being called at a supremely high level and it was accessible. I was able to make the things I dreamed of most of all happen with such flow and ease."

katrina ruth, high performance coach and author

"I've Completely Rewritten How We Get Paid"
“I’ve completely rewritten the way that we sell podcast sponsorships and who we align ourselves with. This has been completely game-changing for me and my business. I’m building deep relationships that stand the test of time and economic conditions. I can now be incredibly intentional about where I put my focus and how I spend my energy. These are exponential partnerships with exponential opportunities. Kathryn, your friendship, your leadership, this platform that you've created has allowed people to step into their genius, and sometimes it's an uncomfortable process. But with your hand holding and your amazing team, this is something that's possible and attainable.”

harry duran, podcaster and podcast agency owner

"Find the Resources to Hire This Team NOW!"
“I'm an intellectual property and technology lawyer with more than 20 years of experience, but I'm also a business mentor and certified coach. I don't know a lot of lawyers who do what I'm doing, providing legal services to my clients in a way that also draws on my business expertise and coaching experience. Kathryn has used her unique genius to help me define and amplify my personal brand in strategic ways that felt totally authentic to me. She’s helping me leverage my talents to achieve at the highest level, and her entire team is packed with world-class experts who always go the extra mile for me. After just a few months of working with them, I can already see tons of amazing press and phenomenal results coming in. If you know you can achieve more but need support, do not hesitate; hire this team! They’re the best in the business.” 


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